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Our pick of the latest in video communications runs from ads that want you to skip them to what life would be like if men had periods. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @CommunicateMag.

Land Rover

Land Rover marked the unveiling of its Defender model with a video demonstrating its unstoppability. Created by brand experience agency Imagination, the epic jourmey film is part of an integrated launch campaign, which included an additional VR experience for the Frankfurt Motor Show’s visitors.

The Defender launch video features mountaineer Kenton Cool, who has climbed Everest 14 times, taking the most direct and extreme route to an appointment. Shot in Kazakhstan against a backdrop of spectacular views, the film shows him tackling seemingly impossible terrain, fording rivers and driving up and down mountains.

Old Speckled Hen

Old Speckled Hen hired integrated ad agency Isobel to give its mascot a makeover, as part of the brand’s drive to appeal to a new generation of drinkers. Henry the fox, first seen in 1994, has been brought back centre stage in a series of ads aimed at broadening the brand’s appeal.

Isobel employed Henry’s original illustrator Gary Andrews to bring the brand character into the 21st century in a series of animated ads with the new strapline ‘Drink curious’. The ads see Henry making jokes about Brexit, the parlous state of British politics, celebrity culture and the eccentricity of the English.

Only Organic

While most advertisers want nothing more than for viewers to watch rather than skip their ads, Humanaut has deliberately created the world’s most skippable ad for Organic Voices in a bid to highlight the 700-plus chemicals used in food processing and manufacturing.

The video invites consumers to skip the ad, which runs for 30 minutes and features a couple singing the entire list of chemicals from Afoxolaner to Zoalene, and suggests they skip the chemicals by going organic. Organic Voices is a non-profit organisation funded by over 100 organic products producers.


Thinx’s first national advertising campaign, created by BBDO New York, tackles the stigma surrounding periods head on with MENstruation, based on the idea that if men had periods too, everyone would be more comfortable about them.

Thinx, which makes underwear that absorbs menstrual blood, is trying to change negative associations attached to periods. The ad shows men and boys dealing with the reality of bleeding, such as leaks, checking clothes for stains, vending machines that have run out of tampons when you need one most and the dreaded visible string thing.


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