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Operating in France, mutual benefit insurance company Groupama has developed its brand reputation on principles of solidarity and mutual aid. To launch a new campaign and highlight the essence of the company, Groupama has partnered with creative agency Marcel to release ‘The First Harvest,’ a short film telling stories of vocation, childhood and mutual support.

The film, directed by Swedish director Niclas Larsson, follows a father-son relationship through risks, obstacles and achievements, as the two work together to develop a winegrower business. The clip shows several ways in which the two have been able to overcome daily challenges thanks to the support of their insurer, Groupama, which inspires the young boy to follow his own vocation and become a Groupama consultant in later years. The film employs familiar contexts, storytelling and a touch of humour to communicate the insurer’s core values, showing the French group’s raison d’être to the wider public. Its narrative is well integrated within Groupama’s values and CSR, reflecting the brand’s people-oriented spirit.



While sustainability and climate change attract solemn speeches and initiatives, some decide to take it with simplicity and a grain of humour. In partnership with creative agency Rosapark, French gas distribution network GRDF has released a short video with a ‘farewell party’ from the wealthiest people on the planet, getting ready to leave Earth on a golden rocket after one last evening together.

As the wealthiest leave their waste behind in a hypothetical future, the film shows GRDF gathering leftovers for those who stayed behind and recycling them to produce green gas, a renewable energy crafted locally from organic waste. The film sends a message about sustainability and it resonates with GRDF’s company values, advocating for a greener planet and eco-friendly alternatives. The organisation supports farmers and local communities which invest in producing green gas, and the film campaign puts an emphasis on GRDF’s care for environmental and sustainable practices.



With the entertainment industry’s shift from linear to digital, global marketing association Promax needed a new clear and graphic identity, to expand its community beyond the boundaries of traditional TV. In partnership with creative agency Loyalkaspar, Promax has just launched its new brand, vibrating with modern energy and digital art.

Promax’s new face has been presented through a series of brand videos to introduce the association’s several conferences, with digital animations and a clear, graphic visual identity. The short films show refreshed colours and an eye pictogram, designed for the 2019 conferences, facing different situations and obstacles, such as classic arcade games and puzzles. The result is a colourful flow of digital animation, a smooth story following the Promax brand as it hints at inclusivity, diversity and new challenges to overcome. The films make conscious use of company assets to reimagine Promax’s identity, launching the association into the future of entertainment with a confident and playful voice.



Infiniti & Renault F1

In 2015, F1 Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo worked in an Infiniti dealership for a short time, at which he became the ‘employee of the month.’ This year, taking an opportunity to prove himself during the summer shutdown, the driver bids to be recognised by Infiniti as a top employee once again, as he tries to introduce Formula 1 efficiencies into the dealership of his choice.

This humorous, fictional context is at the core of Infiniti and Renault F1’s last film campaign, featuring Ricciardo as he attempts to bring his own style of management to Infiniti’s dealerships. With lightheartedness and playful spirit, the short film employs storytelling and humour to highlight the importance of the Infiniti and Renault F1 partnership, while additionally making a statement about leadership and teamwork.


Fiba Basketball World Cup

Before the beginning of 2019 Fiba Basketball World Cup, Fiba released an opening short film entirely in CGI and digital art, in partnership with Found Studio and Dazn Creative. The video, designed to capture the audience in 15 seconds, employs fast-paced transitions, dynamic sounds and bright colours on screen to entice viewers to engage with the event. It resonates with Fiba’s mission, to bring people together and promote basketball, using a narrative-led approach to promote values of teamwork, progressiveness and openness.

The clip features a 3D arena crafted to scale by Found Studio, with Fiba’s iconic dragon motif rendered in three dimensions and floating around the scene. With quick camera movements and rapid edits, the basketball arena builds up around two players frozen in time, one moment before one hits the basketball and restores the fabric of time. With experimental style and bright visuals, the video shows the potential of contemporary motion design, through a bold and creative approach set to project the brand forward for the rest of the tournament.

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