THURSDAY 19 SEP 2019 3:57 PM


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As the automotive industry shifts towards electric vehicles, Ford envisions electrified models sales outnumbering diesel and petrol combined in just a few years. With an immersive brand experience named ‘Go electric’ to introduce guests to its line-up of electrified models, the American company has unveiled a fast-paced video at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in partnership with design agency Imagination.

Ford’s promo video introduces the ‘E-launch,’ a battery-electric acceleration simulator that flings riders at high speed, as part of the immersive brand experience at the Frankfurt showcase. By alternating multiple camera angles with a constant countdown on a screen, Ford’s promo video conveys tension and stimulates expectation. With clear sustainable objectives and commitment to understand and fight environmental issues, Ford is working to remove its negative impact on the environment in the upcoming years, and the Go electric initiative fits within the company’s CSR values, fostering the establishment of a sustainable automotive industry in the near future.


Committed to generating a positive impact on the individual and community well-being, house builder Redrow’s business focuses on a set of placemaking principles, conceived of to improve the life of customers beyond the physical homes. To celebrate the influence the company has on its communities, Redrow has launched the ‘A better way to live’ campaign, supported by a range of brand videos.

Each video pivots in turn around one of the company’s placemaking principles, ranging from ‘streets for life’ to ‘nature for people.’ With voice-over narration and sweeping camera shots, the films showcase the life of the communities in which Redrow operates, making large use of warm colours in post-production to communicate warmth and a close sense of familiarity. The videos represent a change in the company’s marketing material, shifting focus from Redrow’s assets to the people and lives it influences on a daily basis.

The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion provides care and support to all members of the British Armed Forces every year. In partnership with creative agency Leagas Delaney and communications agency VCCP Media, the charity has launched its new ‘They still go’ campaign, to highlight the role it plays in rehabilitating current and former service personnel into the civil life.

As the official organiser for the annual Poppy appeal, the Royal British Legion generally operates in the November remembrance period. The campaign marks a shift in the charity’s work, to emphasise the perennial nature of the legion’s support throughout the year. With Mark Strong’s narration in the background, the videos remind viewers that, despite all of the obstacles and perils they have to face, the British armed forces ‘still go.’ The campaign highlights the risks and dangers of the military life, showing footage of the modern reality of warfare, alongside a celebration of the physical and mental strength of the British service personnel.


As a telecommunications group operating in the digital age, Orange sensitises people to ‘stay on the right side of technology,’ advocating for a safe use of screens and devices. In partnership with Publicis Conseil, the organisation has launched a new social engagement programme that deals with screen addiction, inappropriate content and self-esteem issues that can arise from navigating online.

Orange’s video is an emotional journey from the eyes of a parent, who moves across long internal reflections as he offers the first smartphone to his daughter. With a main focus on the parents’ sense of responsibility in the digital world, the film tangentially explores the issues of open communication between parents and children, and how to tackle them in the digital age. Over the course of the film, the protagonist learns how to communicate with his growing young daughter as she navigates through her teenage years, showing the insecurities, vulnerabilities and strengths of a parent wishing to understand his child. The film employs storytelling to show Orange’s commitment to its social responsibility principles, keeping a human story at the core of the campaign.

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