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From tales of betrayal to helping people realise their dreams, here’s our pick of the latest in video communications. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag

Born Free

The Born Free foundation’s mission is to ensure that all wild animals are treated with compassion and respect, whether living in captivity or in the wild. Integrated agency group Engine was tasked with raising awareness of ‘raised for rifle’ lions in South Africa – animals bred to be shot by trophy hunters – and supporting the foundation’s campaign to end the practice.

‘The bitter bond’ is a two-minute 3D animated film that offers an emotive depiction of betrayal. It tells the story of a lion born and raised in captivity, surrounded by caring people and tourists for most of his life, but when he becomes too old to be on display, he’s sold for slaughter by a trophy hunter. It is designed to move people to act. Be warned: it’s a real tearjerker.

WL Gore and Associates

Maker of Gore-Tex fabrics WL Gore and Associates is celebrating the resilience of both its products and the athletes who use them with a new video campaign highlighting stories of people involved in extreme activities the world over. The campaign was conceived by creative agency AKQA.

The 'Tested for life' campaign features athletes, influencers and brand ambassadors in extreme contexts. The video switches between and behind the scenes at the manufacturer. Rather than focusing purely on its products, the campaign highlights how people use them and benefit from them. Gore has a history of CSR initiatives aimed at improving the communities in which it operates. The 'Tested for life' campaign further showcases the company’s commitment to the values for which it stands.



Transport and food delivery app Grab is sharing its users' real life stories in Southeast Asia with a range of videos created and placed by 72&Sunny, M&C Saatchi Performance and Mindshare.

The campaign employs freeze motion to show end users in a variety of scenarios and is designed to demonstrate how Grab empowers people in to realise their aspirations and dreams. It cleebrates students, businessmen, food truck owners and family members alike. Grab aims to highlight the social impact it is delivering to the community, while showcasing the company’s care for its users' success.



The Philippines

The Philippines rolled out the campaign ‘It’s always more fun in the Philippines,’ as part of a wider strategy to drive growth for tourism in the country. The video is part of a wider strategic partnership with telco Globe, which has been responsible for a number of other initiatives in the country.

The video showcases the Filipino lifestyle to promote the archipelago’s tourism industry, with emphasis on the warmth and hospitality of the locals as well as the values they hold dear. It shows a colourful glimpse of Filipino culture, food and social life to entice prospective travellers, while positioning the Philippines as both a tech-savvy and environmentally aware destination.


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