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When British soldiers were sent to India in the 19th century, they had to face one of the world’s oldest diseases. By mixing their portions of quinine with water, sugar and their gin rations, they gave birth to gin and tonic – which is now one of the strongest roots of Fever-Tree’s brand.

Because the communities in which Fever-Tree operates are often devastated by the effects of malaria, the company has announced a £1m partnership with Malaria No More to end the world’s oldest disease. For the first time since 2000, the 2017 World Malaria Report showed a significant increase in the number of malaria cases, hinting at the possibility that the disease might make a vengeful comeback.

But brands like Fever-Tree, the global mixer brand, are not willing to ignore the creeping threat. Starting in 2019 and over the next three years, the company is committing £1m through a number of initiatives aimed at raising support for Malaria No More, in the shared attempt and ambition to end the disease across the world.

“This new partnership gives us the wherewithal and the inspiration to do everything in our power to […] be the generation that ends the deadliest disease in history,” Malaria No More UK CEO James Whiting says. If such aim came to being, Malaria No More could save as much as 650,000 lives and avert nearly 350 million malaria cases across the Commonwealth by 2023.

“We are hugely proud to be able to extend our support to Malaria No More, for a cause so closely aligned to our roots,” Fever-Tree CEO Tim Warrilow adds. “Many of the communities where we source our ingredients experience the devastating effects of malaria and I have seen first-hand the amazing work that James and his whole team do. I am hopeful one day we will be able to raise a glass to the global eradication of this disease.”


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