FRIDAY 15 FEB 2019 11:41 AM


Content is more memorable to adults if it is tangible as opposed to intangible, according to new research. However, nearly every publication and business, regardless of their size, has an accompanying website, and those that don’t are most likely in the process of developing one.

 As Wardour, a content marketing agency based in London, found through research, this omnipresence of digital consumption is fueled largely by consumers’ desire for convenience and accessibility. Yet, some of the most established online powerhouses, such as Amazon, Facebook and Airbnb, have decided to break into print media. According to Wardour’s survey, called ‘Rethink Ink’ which included 2,000 UK adults, it’s because while reaching content is far easier digitally, many adults find print to be the best medium for enjoying and consuming the same content.

This study is consistent with recent market trends for other major forms of physical media. Vinyl, an antiquated format of music once considered to be obsolete in the age of streaming, has recently enjoyed a resurgence in sales, as have physical books, which were at one point being eschewed in favor of e-readers. The study found that this reappreciation of older formats can be explained by adults feeling more capable of concentrating on content if it is physical.

The phenomenon discovered in this study indicates a rare example of two similar products with vastly different technological capabilities being able to coexist in harmony. Though print is making a comeback, it is not at the expense of digital platforms, which continue to grow as an increasing number of people log on to the internet. This is best exhibited through Generation Z, because while Wardour’s study found that almost all from that generation consumed content digitally, 28% also read trade magazines, and a whopping 75% read at least one magazine publication per month. While many prosperous companies got to where they are because of the internet, recent market trends indicate that they may want to turn the clock back and expand into physical media as well.