THURSDAY 5 SEP 2019 11:03 AM


Signing up for the Planet Mark Sustainability scheme, Signs Express is now a step closer to eradicating the negative impact of its business on the local and global environment. By introducing recyclable and biodegradable products into its signage advertising range, Signs Express is looking to improve sustainability in the Wiltshire, Somerset and south Gloucestershire areas.

Following a Planet Mark Start! Workshop, the owner of Signs Express (Bath) Mark Collins has envisioned a sustainability business plan to bring positive impact on the environment and surrounding communities. The plan fits within the broader company’s CSR efforts towards a better world for global businesses, and it intends to introduce an array of sustainable initiatives within the centre’s practices.

Collins’ plans include recycling of non-commercial plastic and cardboard waste, the use of a new vehicle wrap vinyl with reduced plastic and the injection of a 100% biodegradable board into the company’s product range. Signs Express’ initiative now gives its customers a wider choice over the type of materials they wish to use, and, albeit simple at first glance, it is a small step which can drive greater results for the local community.

With supposedly little effort, Signs Express has embedded sustainability into its core business, setting an example for other organisations willing to follow its lead. The initiative proves how all businesses have a part to play in driving sustainability and change across the world; but it also shows the way organisations can make meaningful choices for a better future, by embracing sustainability with simple, yet proactive steps.

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