THURSDAY 12 SEP 2019 2:19 PM


Brexit and GDPR are having unintended consequences on marketers and domain security. According to data company MarkMonitor’s latest report, most choose to ignore the issue and still focus on web traffic and product launches, but the survey warns against inappropriate domain protection practices.

Solid security is essential to guarantee brand safety and avoid exposure to potential cyber attacks. Following recent shifts in gTLD (generic top-level domain) regulations, GDPR and Brexit have forced most organisations to abandon their existing EU domains, affecting domain strategies and exposing entire brand portfolios to potential infringements.

Brand protection and security don’t stop at product launch. Employing appropriate practices to manage and secure a digital portfolio is key to making a brand future proof. Despite that, most marketers (60%) say their domain strategy is largely focused on promoting new products or services, with just 27% envisioning plans to mitigate brand abuse and protect their portfolio. GDPR has impacted at least six in 10 organisations (58%), and the future is yet uncertain for those having to amend their portfolio in accordance with new Brexit regulations.

MarkMonitor’s report provides a useful tool to understand the current cybersecurity landscape and make appropriate changes to an organisation’s existing strategies. The data company is one of several suitable partners to help optimise domain portfolios, to embed cybersecurity into wider brand protection initiatives.

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