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As part of its four-week ‘Escape to real’ campaign, Renault has used data & technology company Blis’ Smart Platform to drive consumers into dealerships, by employing targeted location data to raise awareness of its new Kadjar SUV. The carmaker has observed consumer behaviour within proximity to the company’s OOH campaign locations, thus gaining useful insights about the target audience.

Targeted advertising has become increasingly central in digital campaigns, and tools such as Blis’ Smart Platform demonstrate the advantages of using consumer data to craft tailored experiences. Thoughtful and well-designed communication strategies can lead to success and brand engagement, although too much emphasis on targeting may have the opposite effect, and appear jarring to end consumers encountering an ad. By analysing content and location behaviours, Blis’ tools were able to engage the target audience on the spot, giving Renault insights into its consumers. The carmaker was then able to apply this knowledge to its existing marketing strategy, to build on the success of the campaign for the near future.

Consumer behaviour data was available to Renault through Blis’ analytics tools. According to the analytics, the company’s foot traffic has increased by 20% against its competitors, leading to a direct impact on car sales. The use of enriched location data has helped Renault deliver a successful four-week campaign, repositioning the carmaker ahead of its competitors.

“It was encouraging to see our share of visits increase to the number one position compared to our competitors, up from sixth,” Renault’s media specialist Vincenzo Montella says. “The insights provided by Blis not only highlight the success of the campaign, but also give us valuable information about our consumers and when they are most likely to convert.”

When approaching Renault’s dealerships, targeted consumers received digital advertising by Blis’ targeting services, examining historical consumer behaviour and interests near a set area. Based on that data, Blis’ Smart Platform re-targeted the audience in real time with bespoke digital ads, leading to an uplift in foot traffic into the carmaker’s dealerships.

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