WEDNESDAY 1 MAY 2019 4:25 PM


Joining their voice with the sustainability-centred #BeTheChange hashtag on social media, marketing and PR agency Marine Social Responsibility Consultancy has recently launched a fully responsive website in support of its business.

As sustainability issues become increasingly relevant for businesses around the world, new marketing agencies are born by the day to help companies safeguard the environment. Born just a few months ago, the Marine Social Responsibility Consultancy (MSRC) has launched its fully responsive website to further connect its sustainability policies with businesses and brands.

The agency’s aim is to help its clients understand the issue of the planet’s marine health on a deeper level, starting with clear information on its website, including information about the MSRC’s mission and a list of marketing and PR communications programmes it can offer to its clients.

“Businesses and brands are waking up to the fact that they have to act now on this critically important issue,” agency co-founder Matt McKenna says. “Consumers and governments all over the world are increasingly scrutinising what businesses and brands are doing to give back to our oceans and help be the change.”

And ‘#bethechange’ is also the hashtag the company is choosing to adopt in its official communications, joining its voice with countless others who are increasingly concerned about the health of our planet.

According to co-founder Sarah Townsend, the website has already experienced a “phenomenal success,” as the agency “has really struck a chord out there in the marketplace” since it official launched in February.


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