WEDNESDAY 8 MAY 2019 1:44 PM


Visa has unveiled a new film in partnership with the Fifa Women’s World Cup France 2019, showcasing greatness on and off the pitch.

It takes just one moment to ‘change the game.’ Whether in the boardroom, on a stadium’s field or across multiple industries, women are constantly shaping the future of professionals all around the world, and Visa has just released a new film to celebrate their successes, in partnership with Fifa Women’s World Cup France 2019.

The film is just one of numerous initiatives the company has launched to amplify women’s successes across the globe. With its Visa Everywhere Initiative: Women’s Global Edition in March 2019, the company has invited women entrepreneurs to participate in fintech and social impact challenges. The new partnership with Fifa is part of an ongoing plan to emphasise Visa’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The short film, only one minute long, focuses on several moments of female empowerment in a team or at home, inspired by true stories of players around the globe.

Suzy Brown, the company’s UK & Ireland marketing director, has reinforced Visa’s interest in celebrating the global achievements of women. “We want Visa to be a catalyst to create positive change both in women’s football, but also levelling the playing field in other areas,” Brown says.