FRIDAY 25 OCT 2019 4:33 PM


Philippines' Sycwin Coating & Wires became the world’s first manufacturer to have its industrial paint certified lead-safe this week, according to IPEN, the global NGOs network dedicated to eradicating toxic chemicals.

Sycwin’s 590-strong paint portfolio has been certified under the Lead Safe Paint standard, which is the strictest regulatory limit for lead content in paint established by any government anywhere in the world and the limit recommended by the UN Environment Programme.

There is no known safe level of exposure to lead and even low exposure can cause lifelong, irreversible health problems, according to the World Health Organisation. Lead is especially dangerous to children’s developing brains and may cause reduced IQ and impaired cognitive functions.

Lead has been banned from paints intended for domestic use in the UK, Europe, the US, Canada and other developed nations for some time, but may still be present in industrial paints in some regions.

Jeiel Guarino, global lead paint elimination campaigner, Ipen, said, “Despite strong scientific evidence establishing the dangers of lead exposure, paints containing high, unsafe lead levels continue to be sold in many countries, especially in developing countries and countries in economic transition. The leadership taken by Sycwin and other companies will improve the health and safety of communities in the developing world.”

The Lead Safe Paint marque can only be applied to paints that contain less than 90 parts per million of total lead on a dry weight basis.


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