FRIDAY 6 MAR 2020 12:44 PM


The PRCA is aiming to increase diversity in the PR industry with its schools outreach programme, designed to encourage students to consider a career in PR.

Launched during National Careers Week, the campaign aims to broaden the industry’s talent pool by raising awareness of PR among students from all backgrounds aged 16 and over.

It includes a #PRCAschools video series featuring a two-minute introduction to PR, as well as informal interviews with PR professionals sharing their experiences and tips for aspiring practitioners.

The PRCA has also launched a 16-page magazine in both print and digital formats, containing jargon-free advice on how to secure entry level roles in the industry. 

According to last year’s PRCA Census, nine out of 10 professionals in PR identify as white and 20% of the workforce have been educated at a fee-paying school, which is three times the national average.

PRCA director general Francis Ingham says, “The moral and business case for embracing diversity is undeniable. Broadening the talent pool is not a virtuous ambition – it is a business imperative. The success and sustainability of our industry is dependent on our workforce reflecting the society it seeks to engage.

“That is why I am very pleased to announce the start of our schools outreach programme, which will inspire a new and diverse generation of PR professionals. Our new resources will empower members to educate students on the benefits of a PR career. I’d urge all members to join our growing community of volunteers and help us inspire the next generation of PR professionals.”