WEDNESDAY 14 APR 2021 4:15 PM


Brand building and communications analytics agency, Boldspace, has announced a new initiative with IntoUniversity to reimagine work experience for potential talent in the comms industry.

The initiative includes a ‘Boldspace Syllabus’ that divides communications and PR, brand strategy, creative advertising and analytics into 26 videos, between 5 and 10 minutes long. The videos feature senior Boldspace team members and give students the ability to learn about the different disciplines.

The content will be made available to sixth form and university students. The scheme is based on the founder’s view that work experience is often no more than CV boosting.

The initiative helps incoming talent to explore where their interests may lie before committing to an industry. Students will then be invited to a live Q&A with different professionals with a range of expertise including Boldspace co-founders Mike Robb and Nick Ford-Young, and creative director, Matt Weston.

Nick Young, co-founder of Boldspace, says “By giving young people a whistle-stop educational tour of all vital aspects of our industry – from brand building to analytics – we are not patronising them, but giving them the chance to experience integrated communications early enough to hopefully help persuade them to one day consider it as their career. 2020 shone a light on what we need to fix: in 2021 we intend to do our bit to contribute to fixing it.”

The partnership with IntoUniversity means that alumni students currently at university can apply for a one week course at Boldspace offices from 12 July. Attendees will have access to specialist talks and teamwork projects with peers and Boldspace employees.

Boldspace will provide on-going mentorship to the students with the possibility of securing grad-scheme placements. The scheme works to boost the agency’s recruitment process by connecting with potential talent and improving the company reputation as an active supporter of diversity and inclusion.