FRIDAY 17 DEC 2021 11:25 AM


French disability association, APF France, worked with creative agency, Babel, to create a video campaign highlighting the exclusion faced by people with disabilities.

The campaign titled ‘The Fall’ conveys the core message, ‘The hardest part is not our disability, but the exclusion imposed on us.’

Creative agency, Babel, enlisted James Maciver to direct the campaign. The campaign focused on the story of one man in a wheelchair as he struggles to navigate a world that is not designed to accommodate him.

Inaccessible shelves in a supermarket, job interview rejections and limited health support are among the challenges he can be seen facing. Each situation triggers a flash-back to the moment of his accident when he fell backwards down a long flight of stairs.

The role is played by Hamid Allouache, a dancer and former stage manager for Le Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris, who has been paraplegic since 2016 when he suffered a spinal injury. He now dances for famous choreographers including Akram Khan and Sadeck Berrabah, for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Jean-Laurent Py, creative director at Babel, says, “Exclusion and everyday obstacles are all moments during which people with disabilities are forced to face their disability. It feels like a perpetual return to square one, which prevents them moving forward in life. This is what we wanted to express and fight, with this symbolic idea of The Fall which is repeated over and over.”

The TV and digital campaign was launched on International Human Rights Day to show that preconceived ideas, obstacles and exclusions from everyday life in society are a constant and debilitating issue for people with disabilities.

The emotive video works to encourage people and brands to find collective solutions for a more open and just society. It concludes by inviting the audience to join the association in working towards a society that strives for inclusivity.

APF France handicap - THE FALL.mp4 from Babel on Vimeo.