WEDNESDAY 17 MAR 2021 10:16 AM


The British Red Cross has launched nationwide campaign to address Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy, particularly among black, Asian and ethnic minority communities.

At the heart of the campaign's creative approach is a video which focuses on amplifying positive and accurate messaging about vaccinations from authentic voices and those with lived experience from B.A.M.E. communities.

The British Red Cross hopes to reach people from B.A.M.E. communities by bringing informed family conversations addressing vaccine hesitancy directly from families with B.A.M.E backgrounds, explains Lewis Iwu, trustee at the British Red Cross.

“We have put this insight into action through our outdoor advertising, radio adverts and media activity, to equip people with facts, so that they can have compassionate conversations about the vaccine. Our message is: when it comes to family, a key thing to remember is that by taking the vaccine, you are not only protecting yourself but also helping to spare the health of your loved ones. Having informed conversations about the vaccine is a kind thing to do, that saves lives," says Iwu.

The video features real-life family conversations about getting vaccinated, showing a 20-person videocall with a diverse group of people talking about their Covid-19-related online experiences and their physical experience receiving the vaccine. Some of them mention seeing outrageous things and receiving many videos on Whatsapp of misinformation and propaganda spreading.

The message in the video is convincing because it uses real people in real situations sharing their experiences. The video is upbeat and social, but with a clear message about sticking to facts when making choices that can affect yourself and those around you.