THURSDAY 11 MAR 2021 10:34 AM


The Portman Estate, comprising of more than a 100 acres of London’s West End, has launched the ‘New Parent’s Leave Policy,’ a scheme that will support new parents. Created under the Estate’s newly formed Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, the policy is part of a number of new initiatives that have been put in place to continue to invest in the company’s employees.

The policy offers full pay for 21 weeks for all employees who have become a parent via birth, adoption or surrogacy, and who have completed 18 months’ service at the Estate prior to the expected week of childbirth or adoption. The scheme will be part of a wider ‘Family Care Policy’ with other initiatives including reviewing recruitment processes and giving a two-hour break for employees during daylight hours to boost wellbeing during the cold season.

“Co-parenting in the workplace helps to address gender balance within business and our New Parent’s Leave Policy is a great step in the right direction,” says Kirsty Arnold, chair of The Portman Estate Diversity and Inclusion Working Group.

Equal enhanced parental leave entitlement helps to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to be a present parent to their children and allows for co-parenting regardless of gender.

“We are learning every step of the way and are proud of the work the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group is doing. We look forward to delivering more new initiatives in the future,” adds Arnold.

The Portman Estate hopes this initiative will attract and retain talent and strengthen their loyal workforce. The company is aiming to work with advisers, partners, consultants and businesses within the area to catalyse conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion policies to deliver inclusive culture to the community.