THURSDAY 16 SEP 2021 3:59 PM


KMPG Norway has released a humorous video welcoming its employees back to the office after the Covid-19 lockdowns. The campaign works to recognise the difficulty that some staff may have adjusting their lifestyle back to suit the office environment.

The video was originally created for KMPG Norway, but after positive feedback it decided to translate the video into English for a global audience. It shows employees exhibiting discomfort at the prospect of returning to an office without the trials and comforts of remote working.

A KMPG employee in the video explains, “we noticed that people had a hard time adjusting to the office after having worked from home. I think they found it too plain or boring. So, we created a programme where employees can apply for funding to make it easier to get back to the office.”

Different employees are then shown incorporating home comforts into office life. One man makes a cup of tea in the staff room while wearing his dressing gown, another sits at his desk while a little girl continues to bother him throughout the day, but he says with sarcasm, “I really struggled working effectively 7-8 hours a day without constant interruption,” so the solution is to hire a child actor to “keep interrupting me and keep me on my toes.”

The use of comedy breaks down the traditional characterisation of KMPG as a large corporate bank and works to humanise the organisation. It aims to both work to engage with existing employees and strengthen the employer brand to attract future talent.