MONDAY 6 DEC 2021 2:12 PM


The RAF worked with Engine Creative to develop its first entirely CGI-generated recruitment campaign targeting the next generation of engineers.

The campaign titled ‘The Ultimate Level’ focuses on future engineers passion to utilise their problem-solving skills and work on advanced aircrafts. The video begins by explaining what a recruit should know about the RAF before showing an aircraft in meticulous detail.

Mark Daly, RAF flight lieutenant, says, “The RAF Engineering Specialist Recruitment Team collaborated with Engine Creative to develop a new engineering focussed video that would inspire and attract aspiring engineers. The result was the delivery of a high-quality CGI production promoting the cutting edge technology that engineering recruits would ultimately be responsible for.”

Using CGI enabled this campaign to showcase the brand as a pioneer in creative technology solutions, while also emphasising the impressive engineering capabilities of RAF aircrafts. Engine Creative was challenged to create a high-quality film for the RAF in a quick timeframe and a relatively low budget.

Engine’s head of film, Melody Sylvester, proposed a CG solution to overcome limited access to RAF bases. Ryan Dzierzek was brought in to direct the film following his success with an award-winning campaign for AstraZeneca.

The Ultimate Level video is part of the wider RAF recruitment strategy ‘Find Your Force’ which encourages anyone regardless of demographic or background to uncover their potential with the RAF.

Christopher Ringsell, creative director at Engine Creative, says, “With an over-the-top epic music score, heightened sound effects, and an ever-increasing array of perfectly engineered machinery unravelling throughout the spot, we want to leave engineering graduates salivating at the very thought of the level of problem-solving they could also reach and have them reaching for the apply button of course.”

The video will feature on the RAF Recruitment website and social feeds.

raf_engineering_master_081121_v3.mp4 from Engine on Vimeo.