THURSDAY 27 MAY 2021 4:11 PM


StoryLive is a new interactive virtual event solution focused on delivering impactful storytelling communications to internal audiences.  Business transformation specialists, The Storytellers, created the virtual solution to enable organisations to take employees on an immersive journey entirely virtually.

StoryLive broadcasts a live audience, presenters and panel to replicate a live environment through electronic devices. Live interaction, real time graphics and CGI create engaging story-driven experiences to connect with workforces in a meaningful way. StoryLive can be used to launch corporate strategies, align global leadership or deliver brand purpose or awareness.

Hannah Moyo, head of consulting at The Storytellers says, “For leaders to win over their people– to bring them on a journey of uncertainty and change – they need to win hearts and minds by creating meaning and purpose in the workplace. Storytelling creates this emotional connection, and influences how we think, feel and act. And now, with StoryLive, this is possible virtually to bring your people with you on the journey – show them how they can make a difference and be part of the narrative in an interactive way.”

StoryLive incorporates breakout rooms, live panels and interactive collaboration tools linked to on-screen CGI graphics. The launch follows an increase in organisations committing to continued remote working post-lockdown. Collaboration has proven to be essential for many businesses over the past year, and this virtual solution facilitates connection while also reducing carbon footprint and monetary costs.

“Immersive virtual events harnessing the latest advancements in technology can build a much needed sense of community, which is key to staying connected and feeling part of the company culture,” adds Moyo.