THURSDAY 6 JAN 2022 1:35 PM


W7Worldwide has published a list of seven communications strategies for the construction sector to harness the Covid-19 rebound. Updating the communications strategy is key with an increased focus on public affairs, media relations, storytelling, and sustainability.

The Saudi Arabian construction market was valued at around $37bn in 2020 and is considered the top-performing construction market in the Middle East. However, the construction sector globally was greatly affected by the pandemic due to the suspension of economic spend.

The industry is expected to rebound significantly in 2021 with a range of upcoming construction and infrastructure projects across the Middle East. This recovery relies on the creation of jobs and rebuilding measures that support the sector’s transformation towards sustainability and digitisation.

Abdulrahman Inayat, co-founder and director of W7Worldwide, says, “Construction companies are facing a new world. The marketplace is changing with both public- and private-sector project owners placing a new emphasis on sustainability and resilience. An organisation’s client base, stakeholders, competitors and relevant communication strategies may therefore be affected dramatically.”

W7Worldwide has released a timely guide ‘7 communications strategies for the construction sector to harness the Covid-19 rebound.’ The report points to current market research as the first key step to assess the existing comms strategy.

It is important to ensure that campaigns connect with the right stakeholders and communicate with the right target audiences in a post-covid economy. The report also points to collaboration and effective communication across the supply chain as being important for sustainable recovery.

Individual countries are likely to prioritise strengthening their construction and infrastructure capabilities. Public affairs should be involved in communications strategies going forward, as international companies seek to partner with leading local players by providing new economic opportunities that support the government.

Stories about how the construction industry is emerging from the crisis will boost media coverage and build a positive reputation. CEO insights and expertise will work to humanise the industry, while there should also be a focus on sustainability and what companies are doing to address climate change.

“The construction sector plays a key role in rebuilding efforts after crises, and this is the time to reach out with proactive communications to take on an industry leadership position,” adds Inayat.

Find the full 7 communications strategies for the construction sector to harness the Covid-19 rebound guide here.