TUESDAY 15 AUG 2023 4:18 PM


Research by Yonder Consulting emphasises the importance of company values when attracting and keeping talent.

New research by Yonder Consulting finds that 74% of workers will leave a company if its culture doesn’t reflect their values. A further 78% of workers identified positive company culture as a key reason for joining an organisation. The findings reflect the growing significance of company culture in attracting talent.

“You just need to read the business pages or scan social media to see how damaging a poor company culture can be, and the pace of these headlines seems to be increasing,” says Yonder CEO Manfred Abraham. “We are seeing a societal shift where organisational culture is now a headline priority directly impacting on customer experience and stakeholder relations, as well as the continued war for talent.”

The findings come as Yonder launches its ‘Culture Magnet’ survey to help companies gain insight to their own cultures. The survey includes questions like ‘How magnetic is our culture for the talent we want to attract and retain?’ and ‘How aligned are our employees are with our strategy and desired culture?’, posed as crucial business issues during M&A activity or significant change.

Michelle Traylor, partner at Yonder, says: “Culture has the power to be an enabler of success for an organisation, from the inside out. It can easily be the difference between the success and failure of a company strategy. 

“An authentic culture which is nurtured and enabled is a key driver and an asset to any business. Ignored or forced and it easily becomes a detractor and a ticking time bomb.”