THURSDAY 30 MAY 2024 3:24 PM


The Public Relations and Communications Association (PCRA) has released a guideline for those part of its public affairs registry. Adhering to the PCRA Public Affairs Code, the guideline offers clarity to members involved in the political sphere to ensure professionalism.

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PCRA) has released its general election guideline to inform and remind members of its registry to respect the boundary between professional roles and political roles. This is to avoid potential conflicts of interest and keep the duties of public or members separate from personal political activity.

For example, a public affairs member should use a work event as a campaigning opportunity. The member should be transparent about their campaign role to ensure it is separate from their professional work. The PCRA reminds its members to refer to the Public Affairs Code to understand appropriate conduct.

James Hewes, CEO of the PRCA, said: Elections are a pivotal time for public affairs professionals. Our guidance not only provides clear instructions on compliance and ethical practices but also reinforces our commitment to transparency and accountability in all public affairs activities.”