SUNDAY 1 JAN 2023 10:18 AM


In 2022, Diageo with We Are Tilt and Collingwood Learning took home the 'Grand prix' at the Digital Impact Awards following their success in a multitude of categories.

Drinks brand Diageo wanted to tackle the emerging problem of underage drinking. But, it had to do so without seeming to glorify young people engaging with alcohol or promoting its products in any way. It collaborated with We Are Tilt and Collingwood Learning to create the global e-learning platform Smashed Online.

Smashed Online takes teens through a series of online videos, interactive activations and educational content to first introduce the perils of underage drinking and then communicate in an educational setting about drinking responsibly or abstaining from drinking. Because of the difficult audience, the films had to resonate with local audiences around the world, feel authentic to the teen experience and be filmed in an immersive way.

The resulting programme has reached over half a million young people worldwide since launch. Judges thought the strategic approach behind the campaign was outstanding, with the localisation of the content a key factor leading to its success. One judge said, “This is a great, purposeful programme. It changed a lot of people’s [minds] globally and made some real change.” Another added, “I felt the creative team really understood the target audience and the way it interacts with digital. A standout piece of work.“

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