Companies must evolve to survive. For many companies, change is coming rapidly with the new generation of young adults, known as Generation Z. Now, businesses must rise to the challenge of understanding this generation both in terms of bringing them into the workforce and developing brand loyalty among them.

The Clarion Awards celebrates corporate social responsibility and sustainability in film and has recognised creative and innovative films for over a decade. Last year, however, with Evcom’s decision to unite its awards programmes under one banner, the Evcom Industry Awards, it did not host the Clarions.


For those in internal communications, human resources, brand management or employer brand management, the Employer Brand Management Awards is a celebration of their work. It recognises the companies who make commitments to achieving the best for their employees and prospective employees.
A nominee for the 2018 Digital Impact Awards, Simon Bennison from Emperor explores the changing landscape for brand development and digital communications.
Storytelling is more important than ever as a means of helping companies communicate with their respective audiences. Using expert content and well-crafted narratives, communicators can reach and influence their stakeholders effectively.
Successful companies are those that focus their efforts and energy on a strong employer brand. Strategies that are creative, targeted and authentic to the organisation will reap the benefits of a hardworking, effective workforce and a strong company culture.
At drp, a large Midlands base of operations has facilitated growth, integration and cross-discipline work. How has creativity developed and grown across the agency? Creative director Rich Hingley shares his thoughts.
Corporate communications has never been more important. Never before have so many groups of stakeholders had access to corporate information or the ability to influence that company’s brand. The Corporate & Financial Awards celebrates excellence in all aspects of City communication.
In our autumn roundup, we examine events, interviews and news that took place in the last quarter of 2018. At an October panel discussion, Communicate magazine’s Brittany Golob spoke with two others about the impact of corporate reputation on financial performance.
At the Employer Brand Management conference 2019 on 4 December, Synergy Creative will share its insights into best practice in employer branding.
At the Employer Brand Management conference 2019 on 4 December, Pathmotion will share its insights into best practice in employer branding.