As organisations and businesses around the world move towards an AI-centred future, the ethical use of AI systems becomes increasingly fundamental to win the public’s trust. Research from technology consultancy Capgemini unveils the current state in the use of AI, giving guidance on how to achieve ethical, transparent systems for the near future.

No company is immune to bad practice in employer brand management. From large Silicon Valley businesses to smaller organisations, the risk of conveying the wrong image of a company’s culture is always looming, and it can affect the business’ reputation in the long run. With examples from both large and smaller businesses, brand consultancy Frank, Bright & Abel examined the problem of authenticity at a recent event.


Five years ago, Communicate launched the Employer Brand Management Awards to recognise those companies that are communicating most effectively with prospective employees and building a corporate reputation based on being a desirable employer.
Making the world a better place is not anathema to achieving a business’ objectives – financial or otherwise. The Corporate Engagement Awards has, for the past nine years, celebrated those organisations that seek to do good in their communities while simultaneously benefiting the business itself.
Many winners at the 2019 Corporate Content Awards were taken pleasantly by surprise when their names were announced at the awards ceremony. They found themselves being recognised for their creativity, their bravery, their ability to communicate complex topics in fun, elegant and interesting ways.
The winners of the inaugural Internal Communications and Engagement Awards represent the best in internal communications and showcase the ongoing commitments companies across Europe are making to improving their relationships with employees.
There is no shortage of studies that point to the value of a business doing good in its community or for the environment. Studies into the working behaviours of Millennials and Gen-Zs often show that young professionals want to work for employers who contribute to the environment or society in a positive way. From the corporate perspective, ensuring a company is operating with a purpose reaps benefits from the investment community, sees positive financials and ensures a sustainable business model.
The Internal Communications and Engagement Awards will, for the first time, celebrate achievement in internal communications. The inaugural event will take place on 13 May at the Brewery in London. The organisations who have been shortlisted represent the best in class in internal communications across the UK.
For those in internal communications, human resources, brand management or employer brand management, the Employer Brand Management Awards is a celebration of their work. It recognises the companies who make commitments to achieving the best for their employees and prospective employees.
A nominee for the 2018 Digital Impact Awards, Simon Bennison from Emperor explores the changing landscape for brand development and digital communications.
Storytelling is more important than ever as a means of helping companies communicate with their respective audiences. Using expert content and well-crafted narratives, communicators can reach and influence their stakeholders effectively.