As organisations and businesses around the world move towards an AI-centred future, the ethical use of AI systems becomes increasingly fundamental to win the public’s trust. Research from technology consultancy Capgemini unveils the current state in the use of AI, giving guidance on how to achieve ethical, transparent systems for the near future.

No company is immune to bad practice in employer brand management. From large Silicon Valley businesses to smaller organisations, the risk of conveying the wrong image of a company’s culture is always looming, and it can affect the business’ reputation in the long run. With examples from both large and smaller businesses, brand consultancy Frank, Bright & Abel examined the problem of authenticity at a recent event.


On 27 June, strategic communications consultancy Portland Communications released a study emphasising the value of effective communication of a company’s CSR and sustainability efforts. The Total Value Index has become “the first comprehensive framework to measure the total value generated by business[es] in Britain,” according to Portland Communications. The research came to a bitter conclusion that the majority of the nine assessed sectors displayed an immense disparity between what a company says about its own green credentials and public perception.