THURSDAY 10 MAY 2012 9:29 AM


Cardiff City Football Club’s alleged rebrand has caused fans to respond with a petition against changes to its traditional blue colours and bluebird emblem.

The petition, entitled “Cardiff City fans for preservation of the Bluebird,” asserts the value of the traditional branding and the historical bond fans have with it.

It says: “The Bluebird and blue shirt are the visual symbols of that heritage which keeps us coming back, making Cardiff City such a worthy institution for your investment.”

Rowland Jack, international sports consultant at Hill & Knowlton says: “While changing the shirt colour from blue to red will understandably be a wrench for local fans of the Bluebirds, I expect that the majority would welcome a strengthened playing squad.”

The club’s Malaysian owners are said to believe the changes, said to be the colour red and a red dragon emblem, will help engage a wider audience in Asia, boost investment and ease marketing overseas.

Pippa Collett, managing director at Sponsorship Consulting, says: “It seems that Cardiff City may have business sense but lack marketing competence.

“Rather than building consensus over a period (after all, red does make sense for the Welsh capital’s team) the club now finds itself suffering trial by media here at home, who of course have a vested interest in fanning the flames to generate column inches.”

CCFC yesterday launched a statement regarding the annual review the club is currently undergoing, and its conclusion is expected to be announced within the next week.