WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2012 12:14 PM


A uniform branding strategy is being implemented across all government departments, with each adopting a royal crest logo.

Online access to the 47 sections of HM Government will be facilitated through a single website in a bid to improve online communications.

The website will see individual departments use the standard government logo adapted in their own brand colour, the Cabinet Office has confirmed.

HM Government’s endeavor to promote a “single government identity” through combining the departments falls years behind the decision of the Dutch government, who chose to adopt a unified identity back in 2008.

Its new design was rolled out in 2010, and the comparably small governing body of the Netherlands made savings of  €5,000,000 per year, therefore HM Government stands to gain an even greater amount.

The majority of the departments will implement the logo, however a few departments, including the Home Office and the Ministry of Defence, will continue to use an alternative crest.

A trial version of is up and running, with plans for it to be fully functioning by the end of 2012.