TUESDAY 19 JUN 2012 11:56 AM


The PRCA may broaden its Public Affairs Register to include non-members.

It is planning a consultation with its members to discuss opening the Register to non-members, which would make their name, public affairs staff and company and clients’ details available to the public for free.

Francis Ingham, PRCA chief executive says: “We are keen to gauge PRCA member views on broadening our long-established Register to include non-members.

“There are arguments both in favour and against doing so. But with the Minster floating the idea of the Government register ultimately detailing which entrants are, or are not subject to an external Code of Conduct, this seems the right time to be having such a conversation”.

If the register were expanded to include non-members, it would clarify who was regulated by the PRCA Public Affairs Code of Conduct and who was not, in order to support the proposals made to the Cabinet Office Minister, Mark Harper.

Emily Wallace, director of Connect Communications and PRCA Public Affairs chairman added: “There is an important discussion to be had with PRCA members about the future development of the PRCA register, and the best ways for the PRCA to support openness and transparency in lobbying”.

The proposal was first discussed at a meeting of the PRCA’s Public Affairs Sectoral Group on Friday 15th June.