TUESDAY 19 JUN 2012 1:01 PM


A brand new Facebook publishing platform, allowing businesses and agencies to easily create customised tabs on Facebook, is launching today.

Meltwater Buzz Connect, created by software company the Meltwater Group, is designed to propel engagement with social communities, save money and turn social interactions into lasting business relationships.

The content-rich tabs allow brands to run promotions and surveys, serve live content from their other social sources, and create tailored landing pages for their campaigns and audiences.

Niklas de Besche, executive director at Meltwater Buzz says: “More companies are focusing resources on Facebook to capitalise on consumers who are increasingly open to social marketing programs from their trusted brands.

He added: “We now provide companies with the ability to attract and engage customers on their preferred social channel and turn a Facebook ‘Like’ into something more meaningful and valuable. The introduction of the Connect module has expanded Meltwater Buzz into a powerful suite of products that addresses the needs of brands and agencies that desire to see measurable ROI from their social activities.”

The Connect Module is available as a stand-alone product or as a fully-integrated module within the Meltwater Buzz Suite. Meltwater Engage Module users can seamlessly add Connect’s functionality to their existing licenses.