TUESDAY 8 APR 2014 4:21 PM


The Ecuadorian Tourist Board has come up with an innovative, global campaign to promote tourism in Ecuador.

The London-based part of this campaign can be witnessed at London’s Victoria Station; a large model of the letter ‘E’. The rest of the letters spelling out, ‘All you need is…’, are to be found in Paris, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Bogota, New York, Santiago, Berlin, Lima, Mexico D.F., Amsterdam and Buenos Aires.

All the letters were placed on the 1 April and, simultaneously, seven letters appeared in Ecuadorian cities spelling out ‘Ecuador’. The campaign has the potential to reach a vast quantity of people, it also suggests ease of travel, and places Ecuador at the centre of international conversation.

The campaign began on digital channels in March. Potential designs for the different letters were posted online and the public were able to vote for their favourites by way of social media. Bird-watching was chosen as the inspiration for the London ‘E’, since Ecuador possesses the largest number of bird species in the world per square metre.

The campaign has employed excellent use of digital and social media thereby encouraging consumer engagement. Information for each letter can be found online through unique web addresses, hashtags and QR codes, but the campaign is also providing onsite promotional staff who will speak to people about the campaign and who will hand out chocolates and roses; popular Ecuadorian exports. While employing social media to its full potential the Ecuadorian Tourist Board failed to neglect real-life experience.

“We have a wonderful country where everything is close at hand. This quality is unique in the world. Ecuador has the greatest ethnic diversity and greatest biodiversity per square metre of any country in the world. Of course other nations have their own marvels to offer, but nowhere else are they concentrated in such a small space, with such diversity. This is why Ecuador should be front of mind for travellers and holidaymakers,” said Vinicio Alvarado, minister of tourism of Ecuador, who developed the ‘All you need is Ecuador’ campaign.

The letters will remain in place until 10 April, 2014.


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