TUESDAY 11 FEB 2014 3:34 PM


Global financial communications firm, Cognito, has just announced a brand new identity and coinciding website launch. Cognito’s rebrand was envisioned in response to a client survey which sought to better understand its clients’ modern marketing and communication needs.

Cognito’s CEO, Tom Coombes, says, ‘Many firms in this space have traditionally done a poor job of communicating what they do, either to the market or the media, and with this rebrand Cognito is showing that we understand the unique nuances of the market and now offer broader and more compelling services.’

The consultancy’s new slogan, ‘finance is different’ seeks to set financial integrated communications apart by emphasising its potential to have a direct impact on the global economy. In addition, Cognito’s slogan suggests that financial communications is currently undergoing rapid change, and that it aims to position itself at the forefront of this change.

The importance of navigating a growing digital and social landscape is a key factor for rebrandings such as this one and is also essential to the contemporary client’s communication needs, yet traditional forms of PR and marketing management remain vital as well as the brand’s ability to remain true to its core principles.

As well as the new slogan, Cognito has also introduced a new logo, new colours (a brick orange and sky blue, evocative of blog sites), and a new ‘Cognito Way’ booklet; available to the public. Cognito’s newly designed website is a source of information for both current and prospective clients. Cognito’s site also shows a greater awareness and integration of social media and the agency’s blog has been extended to include a greater body of expert information on communications within the financial and technology sectors.


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