FRIDAY 11 APR 2014 11:52 AM


Kreate’s new division, ProKreate, is specialising entirely in immersive brand experiences. ProKreate will develop transmedia storytelling events that capture brand personality and strengthen engagement between consumer and brand.

The interactive marketing style that ProKreate will employ is thought to be particularly effective for Generation Y, but while ProKreate will be feeding into its experiences extensively through social media interaction before, during, and after all events, it is the real experience that is at the heart of its service and suggests that real experiences are still paramount when engaging with consumers in this digital age.

Part of ProKreate’s new concept will involve participants being taken on multi-sensory journeys, involving performers and sets, to create memorable and engaging experiences. The more that the brand message is experienced on a personal level, the stronger the brand engagement, and the more likely the participant is to speak about the experience, thereby raising brand awareness.

Jo Dunn, head of the new division says, “The importance of creating a unique experience with talkability is vital. We know that positive experiences lead to a personal endorsement by word of mouth. A natural compulsion to share one’s own version of a story drives people onto social media during and after an event. A fully immersive experience such as this will be compelling enough to generate such a reaction.”

Kreate predicts that more and more brands will adopt immersive brand experiences as a way to drive better results and ROI. Rather than focusing on an individual, brand experiences rely on shared content and word of mouth.

Kreate has 18 years’ experience as an experiential marketing agency.


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