FRIDAY 14 MAR 2014 4:53 PM


Jones Lang LaSalle, a professional services and investment management firm, specialising in real estate, has rebranded as JLL and launched a new logo in readiness for the company’s global future. Operations in the Middle East and North Africa will be renamed JLL MENA.

The acronym JLL will be easier to recognise, remember, and pronounce, across the company’s multiple markets. The other main advantage is the new name’s suitability for digital platforms and mobile channels. Although JLL has rebranded, its decision to use the acronym of its previous company name reflects its desire to remain true to the company’s heritage and historically rich brand.

The new brand logo prioritises the company’s new name in a large, capitalised, black wordmark, for the same purposes of clarity and memorability as the new name itself. The wordmark is accompanied by a series of interlinking hoops, the same design as the old logo, but in red, creating a bolder tone and greater contrast. Charles Doyle, chief marketing and communications officer at JLL says, "The JLL 'Worldmark' logo symbolises all of this: a global company with local roots, built from multiple types of expertise, working in collaboration with clients wherever they need our services."

The new brand name and logo also represents JLL’s adaptation to different communication styles, especially the use of digital and online.

Alan Robertson, CEO at JLL MENA said, "We are very enthusiastic about adopting the shortened name and new logo throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. JLL is easily pronounced and remembered, and many of our clients already consider it to represent the high calibre of services we offer."

The JLL name and new logo will be rolled out globally over the next two years. The firm's legal name, Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, and the name of its wholly owned subsidiary, LaSalle Investment Management, will remain unchanged.


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