WEDNESDAY 26 MAR 2014 1:25 PM


Capital Communications prepares to provide an all-channel service to CEE clients through partnership with creative and communications professionals.

The decision to focus on branding and online/social media is a reflection of the evolving communications profession both in the Hungarian, CEE and SEE markets, and globally. Online communications are an essential way to engage with the modern consumer, promote discussion and raise brand awareness, and a fully-integrated brand positioning is a key starting point for any PR and marketing strategy. Capital Communications are looking to include all of these elements in their future service. 

Hungary-based Capital Communications is hoping to round out its all-channel capabilities by partnering with innovators in: multi-channel social media communications, change management, data management and analytics, video, audio and interactive, web design and online, and other emerging specialisations.

“New media and the new convergence between marketing and PR mean that the communications profession has to change the way it has done business over the past decades,” says Gábor Hegyi, founder and managing director of Capital Communications. “Brands are no longer defined by their logos, livery and slogans, but by what people say about them. Companies can no longer refuse to communicate when their employees, neighbours and entire community are communicating constantly about them via social media. We see this in our daily work, and our clients’ expectations, as well as the global best practice insights we gain through involvement with WCF Davos.”

Capital Communications seeks new and integrated media specialists in a bid to keep itself at the forefront of the region’s changing communications industry.


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