MONDAY 28 APR 2014 2:19 PM


Logistik Group has refreshed its brand to reflect the evolution of the company and its offering. The communications and events specialist aims to inject fun and flexibility into its brand personality while illustrating natural progression, rather than a change of direction, by keeping elements of the original visual identity.

Deputy creative director, Dani Batty, says, “It was time for a change. We felt that the website and brand collateral all stood to be more representative of the collaborative approach that so distinguishes Logistik Group in its work. We have been able to successfully evolve the whole brand to provide a toolkit of assets across the business which embodies the culture and expertise that needed to be foregrounded.”

Logistik’s new colour palette is warmer and has been extended beyond the simple red used previously, this is intended to give the website and branding a more sophisticated tone. The branded tab that previously represented Logistik has transformed into a rhombus shape intended to be a symbol of dynamism and positivity, it lends itself well to creating new shapes and visual patterns. There will also be new staff photography in a style which allows for personalities to shine through and places emphasis on engagement.

Logistik’s rebrand was created in-house, and seeks to communicate the direction that its work will take in the coming months.


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