TUESDAY 29 APR 2014 12:03 PM


On 2 May, the Institute of Internal Communication’s (IoIC) live cultural debate will discuss how putting too much focus on extrovert employees can damage business.

Within organisations, the ways of the extrovert employee are better catered to than the quiet introvert. Though the ‘pizazz’ of the extrovert can bring in some business, the overpowering of the introvert’s ideas can be detrimental to staff morale and have an over-all effect of lowering business performance.

The IoIC estimates that a third to half of the population in Britain has introvert characteristics, such as listening more than talking and preferring quieter situations. Yet organisations insist on open plan offices and the participation in group sessions in which extroverts are far more likely to shine.

IoIC president, Suzanne Peck, says, "There can be a tendency for employers and colleagues to pay more attention to the outgoing individual who comments first, rather than the quieter and more cautious person.”

An introvert will tend to be more risk-averse and look deeper into a situation to assess the possible risks of a project, where as their extrovert counter-part will be more focused on riskier challenges and fight for their case.

The debate, held this year in Brighton, will consider the differences between introverts and extroverts, discussing the changes that need to be made to communication channels between the differing personalities and looking at ways to utilise introverts and extroverts working together.


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