MONDAY 12 MAY 2014 11:04 AM


Coca-Cola’s Happiness Arcade rewarded Bangladeshi youth in Dhaka with gaming experiences. The arcade machines were placed in six locations across the city for six days, and exchanged empty Coke bottles for a Coke-themed video game.

The pong-style game was designed in collaboration with Bangladesh-based advertising agency Grey Dhaka. The project converted the collected bottles into reusable pellets thereby advocating recycling in a city that has a poor track record.

The Happiness Arcade campaign deals with a sustainability issue that is directly relevant to the Coke brand, who delivers its product in recyclable containers. The Dhaka youth are targeted as a group who will benefit from a campaign that promotes recycling, and the method used is fun and innovative, serving the dual purpose of engaging the target audience and promoting the Coke brand.

Coke has said it plans to continue the programme in the coming months. Another benefit of this scheme is that it has global potential; waste management is a worldwide issue and many cities could benefit from promotion of recycling. This is makes the issue a good fit for Coke, a brand with global reach.

To watch the video, click here.


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