TUESDAY 13 MAY 2014 4:36 PM


The Government has released its communications plan for 2014-‘15 as it continues to move towards a professional and unified civil communications service that promises to provide better value for taxpayer money.

The Government Communications Plan is now is in its third year and is the first delivered by the new Government Communications Service (GCS). The plan predicts some of the coming year’s key communication moments including WW1 commemorations and the Scottish independence referendum.

Low and no cost campaigns will continue to be the standard for most of this year’s activity. The total value of planned proactive communications in 2014-‘15 will be £289 million, the equivalent of about £4.50 per person per year.

Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude says, "We are reforming Government communications to ensure our civil servants have the skills required for tomorrow's world and that their work is effective, delivering best value for hard-working taxpayers. Before the last General Election there was no central control on spend on advertising, marketing and communications. We introduced controls which helped save £378m in 2012-‘13 alone".

The plan aims to highlight some of the civil service’s collective priorities and has improved its clarity from last year’s plan by providing three priority themes. The three priorities are titled ‘Economic confidence’, ‘Fairness and aspiration’, and ‘Britain in the world’. Essentially this amounts to reducing deficit, encouraging a fairer society, and handling international relations.

Alex Aiken, executive director of Government Communications says, “Major events such as the centenary of the First World War and the referendum on Scottish independence will demand the best of communicators in government. This Plan demonstrates our determination to work more collaboratively on government priorities. We will be being more unified, more valued, and more skilled than ever before.”


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