FRIDAY 6 JUN 2014 1:52 PM


As PR teams increasingly expand into global markets there is a growing demand for training programmes that equip teams for the challenges they may face.

Bell Pottinger has just launched a CIPR accredited training programme that aims to improve the international press office strategies of clients.

The two courses available focus on improving communications capacity or building a press office from scratch. Both training programmes will be available for participation globally.

The programmes, which have been developed by experienced practitioners, have been created to suit the needs of businesses, organisations, and government departments.

The CIPR professional accreditation is unique to Bell Pottinger’s offering.

Sukhjit Grewal, director of professional development and membership at the CIPR, says, “This initiative is welcomed by the CIPR. We have many global members and are committed to ensuring they make professional development a central theme for their career.”

The programmes have been developed within the Bell Pottinger Geopolitical division and are led by Luke Chauveau and James Gater.

Describing the offer, Chauveau says, “Our experience shows that organisations operating in challenging and rapidly developing environments are more than likely to experience communications issues; but when the inevitable happens, they often lack the ability to adequately respond to an international audience. An efficient communications capacity is now a business essential.”


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