TUESDAY 17 JUN 2014 2:24 PM


Mobile devices are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to view content. This has all happened so fast that those providing the content are often unsure of how to make the most of this new medium.

Leading content discovery platform, Outbrain, is trying to understand how we can optimise mobile engagement. Its latest Content Conversation was titled “Mobile engagement – the new opportunity in content marketing”, the discussion sought to address the challenge of providing content that could potentially appear on 14,000 different screen sizes.

While the event was largely attended by brand marketers the issue is equally pertinent for companies looking to engage stakeholders through such devices, an increasingly common scenario.

Mobiles are the primary tool for getting online for half of all the world’s Internet users, 37% of digital media time is spent on mobile devices, and Outbrain’s own research shows that click-through rates are higher on mobile.

The discussion advised content-providers to; consider user journeys, use small screen templates, and plan carefully, among other insights. For further details of the event, click here.


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