WEDNESDAY 25 JUN 2014 3:59 PM


As mobile becomes more and more important to consumers, companies must think about how they want to use this medium to communicate their unique brand offering.

Pets at Home has just implemented a platform with Eagle Eye that combines a digitally focused loyalty scheme with a deliver to store service. Pets at Home’s current loyalty scheme and successful Very Important Pets (VIP) PR campaign have been integrated into the digital platform. The Eagle Eye platform also measures data, providing valuable insight that contributes to a healthy brand.

Up until now, mobile customer engagement platforms have been most frequently used by the fashion and hospitality sectors, but Andy Smith, client services director at Eagle Eye Solutions, says that this is changing. More and more retail outlets are increasing their offerings through digital platforms.

Smith says, “The implementation of Eagle Eye AIR means that Pets at Home can now digitally engage with their customers through multiple channels. The digital platform not only allows them to gain a better understanding of customer behaviour it also provides significant business benefits including reduced operational costs and the removal of fraudulent transactions.”

This kind of mobile platform allows brands to track and test, and to target customers with personalised offers, thus creating better brand engagement. Costs of producing cards and coupons are also reduced and risk of fraud is eliminated. The brand is seen to be more relevant and at the forefront of its field.


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