WEDNESDAY 2 JUL 2014 3:33 PM


China has made its first overview of the cultural and creative industries available in English to a global audience. The ‘China Cultural and Creative Industries Reports 2013’ has been put together by Chinese academics, and it addresses gaps in the existing literature.

The report contains policy changes, emerging trends, and highlights investment opportunities for China’s cultural and creative industries (CCIs). Areas researched include film, news and publishing, broadcasting and TV, animation and games, new media, advertising, fine art and performing arts.

The growth of China’s CCIs has important implications for trade, academics, and policymakers worldwide. The translated report opens up doors for those who may want to collaborate with Chinese CCIs.

Lord Tim Clement Jones, spokesman for culture, media and sport in the House of Lords, comments, “We now have a great opportunity for creative and artistic partnership between China and the UK. There is a real role for collaboration between us in helping developing creative industry clusters in China. These reports will be invaluable in helping British creative industries develop a strong understanding of where they can build partnerships in China, and I very much welcome the partnership and initiative of Professor Patricia Walker and Professor Hardy Xiang in putting such a comprehensive and essential publication together to promote profitable exchange between East and West cultural and creative industries.”

The editors consider this to be a golden age for China’s creative industries; a recent example is China’s film industry overtaking Japan’s and predicted to overtake Hollywood’s by the end of the decade. China is growing fast.

Professor Peter Williamson, professor of international management, University of Cambridge, concludes that, “Readers will gain a rich understanding of the diverse capabilities and achievements of China’s cultural and creative industries, as well as perspectives on the emerging policy framework, future trends and the investment opportunities these industries provide.”


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