FRIDAY 18 JUL 2014 10:59 AM


It is important not to lose touch of what the stakeholder wants when it comes to digital stakeholder communications. KW Digital has recently launched a report that looks into the needs of business journalists, analysts, and investors.

The study gathered data from over 300 individuals across Europe and worldwide, and measured their experiences of corporate websites and social media. The intention of the report was to pinpoint stakeholder expectations, needs and habits when looking for information about listed companies.

The survey respondents were asked about everything from general company and press information, to information about reporting, share, IR, governance and CR. Within the capital market are a range of different information needs and ways of accessing information, but the report lays down a few reoccurring traits.

The report found that the business journalist is frequently dissatisfied with corporate websites, with major complaints being that they are not updated frequently enough and could benefit from greater transparency and easier navigation. The business journalist would also prefer easier access to media contacts.

Sell-side analysts are far more satisfied. However, improvements that they would welcome would be an archive of older reports, presentations, and financial figures readily available. As a group, buy-side analysts are the most satisfied users.

For an improved digital communications strategy the report suggests that companies prioritise annual reports, create a sophisticated social media strategy, and make use of mobile and apps.

To read the full report click here.


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