WEDNESDAY 13 AUG 2014 9:43 AM


The Woodland Trust’s centenary woods commemorate one hundred years since Britain entered the First World War. The UK woodland conservation charity is combining modern digital tools with the historic associations of trees and woodlands to commemorate those who served, while raising awareness of its wider goals.

The Centenary Woods campaign invites the British public to donate commemorative trees across four woodland locations. The trees will serve as a lasting reminder of the centenary and what it represents.

Digital agency, Code Computerlove, created a microsite to accompany the campaign and made it fun and easy for the public to be involved in the project. Users can view the three woods in Surrey, Faughan Valley in Northern Ireland, and Edinburgh, and can choose where they want their trees to be planted. Participants can clearly see how their donations will be spent and the website incorporates a user-friendly design. The site also encourages participation and sharing across social media platforms.

Lee Chadwick, digital and design lead at the Woodland Trust, says, “The microsite has strengthened our message and helped generate awareness of our overall goals. The four Centenary Woods are going to create a lasting tribute to those who contributed to the First World War effort, as well as taking us a step closer to our goal of doubling native woodland across the UK.”

The Woodland Trust’s lead partner in the project is Sainsbury’s, the project will mark a ten year partnership between the two organisations. By purchasing Sainsbury’s Woodland free range eggs, chicken and turkey, customers will be contributing to the Centenary Woods campaign, as well as supporting higher welfare produce.

Clive Anderson, British radio and television presenter and President of the Woodland Trust says, "I have been President of the Woodland Trust for 10 years, during which time the partnership between the Woodland Trust and Sainsbury’s has flourished through schemes such as Woodland eggs and chickens; which benefit farmers as well as preserve trees and woods.”

Anderson continues, “The Woodland Trust’s project, with the support of £1 million from Sainsbury’s to plant millions of trees across the United Kingdom in memory of the fallen, allows anyone to be involved and I believe it’s a project that will capture the nation’s heart. In this time of great stress on our woods it is vital we redouble our efforts on behalf of our trees to preserve a landscape fit for heroes. In the long run, trees planted today will outlive us and enhance the lives of generations to come."



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