THURSDAY 28 AUG 2014 11:48 AM


Measurement Week, launched by AMEC, will be a world-wide campaign designed to highlight the importance of measurement in communications. The scheduled events aim to raise awareness and educate practitioners and the wider business community in this critical field.

As a warm-up, Communicate magazine and Salience Insight are hosting a measurement-themed webinar at the beginning of the week. The Why Measurement Matters webinarwill take place at 4pm GMT on Monday 15 September.

The online event will demonstrate the importance of measuring effective communications, and the way that this understanding can productively feed into future campaigns. The webinar is targeted towards PRs, in-house communicators and other comms professionals, and will lay down the impact of measurement and evaluation within both internal and external markets.

Brittany Golob, Communicate magazine editor, comments, “The measurement and evaluation of PR is becoming more and more important, especially as data is becoming more readily available. One of the key problems, however, is that many communicators have not been able to make measurement and evaluation work for them. Understanding how to use measurement to enhance communications campaigns is essential for any communicator, particularly in regards to ROI and impact of PR.”

During the webinar, David Rockland, chairman of AMEC and a Ketchum partner, will provide industry insight, while Bernadette Murdoch, communications director for AMEC award winning GlaxoSmithKline, and Julie Lardieg, senior brand manager at Godrej UK (Bio-Oil), will provide an in-house perspective. Mike Daniels, commercial director for Salience Insight, will complete the list of speakers. The webinar will be mediated by Communicate magazine.



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