MONDAY 22 DEC 2014 12:47 PM


The amount of people working in internal communication is double previous estimates according to a survey by the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) and communications consultancy theblueballroom. The survey found that there are now over 45,000 people in the UK working in internal communication (IC).

IoIC chief executive Steve Doswell comments, "These figures confirm that internal communication has really come of age as a profession with a significant number of individuals across the UK now firmly identified with the discipline. It's encouraging to see how organisations are recognising the value of IC to their bottom line. We know the numbers involved are small compared with sectors such as HR or marketing, but it is clear that we now have a sizeable profession and it is important this is operating to best effect. The Institute believes these findings reinforce the need for high standards, sound governance and professional development to ensure the quality and competence of an IC workforce that is so important to consistent business success."

The study is made up of  IC professionals from 1,000 different companies across the private, public and charity sectors. Those who identified themselves as in an IC or employee engagement role on LinkedIn were incuded in the research. 

The findings are representative of the growing recognition of IC’s role in the delivery of business goals and show us how technology can help communicators to gain a better understanding of their industry through tools such as social media.


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