THURSDAY 5 FEB 2015 10:05 AM


Supermarkets have found that their stakeholders expect them to accept responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their customers since they have such a significant influence on the way that people buy and consume food.

Sainsbury’s has run its Active Kids voucher scheme for ten years now, these kinds of schemes were some of the first ways that supermarkets began to engage with their customer’s welfare and lifestyles. For its 2015 launch Sainsbury’s has chosen a unique partnership to help it engage children in its healthy living message.

The partnership is with children’s comic, The Beano. One magazine included a storyline with Dennis and the Bash Street Kids collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers, swapping them for sports and cooking equipment and then beating their rivals, the Posh Street pupils. The comic feature has the double purpose of encouraging children to eat healthily and exercise, while raising awareness of the Active Kids voucher scheme.

Tara Hewitt, head of Active Kids, says, "We are delighted to be partnering with iconic comic The Beano. Active Kids is all about giving kids the knowledge, understanding and equipment to enjoy an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. The Bash Street Kids, with their cheeky attitude and mischievous behaviour, are the perfect companions to show kids the benefits of what can be achieved by collecting vouchers, eating healthily and being active, now and in the future.”

The Active Kids voucher scheme donates equipment and experiences to schools, clubs and groups. Shoppers can collect vouchers from Wednesday 28 January until Tuesday 5 May 2015.


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