WEDNESDAY 7 JAN 2015 2:09 PM


A YouGov survey shows that two-thirds of business decision-makers expect to increase their use of digital media over the next two years when communicating with employees, customers, investors and influencers. However the research, carried out by communications consultancy Gather, also shows that organisations are ill-equipped to use these channels strategically.

Lack of training is the predominate cause for the current skills deficit in digital; a problem that is only exacerbated by the ever-growing prevalence of digital in the communications space.

The report shows that 30% of those who communicate with investors admit that they don’t currently use any of the main digital and social channels, as did 30% of those responsible for communicating with employees. In addition, only 33% of organisations believe they are equipped to deal with greater levels of digital communication.

Julian Gorham, head of brand at Gather, says, “This report highlights a void in corporate digital and social media communications that needs addressing. Both digital and social media hold great potential to connect previously disconnected audiences, through the creation of single organising ideas that resonate with each group in a way that’s right for them. Of course, this doesn’t negate the need for strong, clear writing, which can often make a huge different to business communications.”

Social media is a particular cause for concern with 16% of corporates claiming that they are poorly prepared to increase their output. In spite of this, two thirds of decision-makers expect to use more social media over the next two years.


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