THURSDAY 7 MAY 2015 3:21 PM


When a potential recruitment candidate has volunteering experience on their CV, it demonstrates a range of desirable skills and qualities. Qualities that are more valued now than ever before due to the growing importance of CSR and sustainable practice in business in response to public demand.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is the most widely recognised volunteering programme among UK HR professionals according to a study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). The study shows that over a quarter of UK companies look for a DofE Award during the recruitment process.

In the same survey, 67% of companies surveyed said that they believed entry-level candidates with voluntary experience have better employability than those who don’t. In addition, 82% said volunteering develops team skills and 80% said that it can develop communication skills. Time management, problem-solving, adaptability and leadership talent were also identified as key competencies that young people with volunteering experience demonstrate.

Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD, says, “More than a quarter of employers report that they look for a DofE Award when they recruit. It’s great that these employers recognise the value of a programme that clearly gives those who participate a broad range of opportunities to develop and strengthen their skills, many of which can be of value in the workplace.”

While the study shows that employers value the skills gained from voluntary experience, it also shows that businesses do not necessarily look out for this type of experience as much as they could do. The DofE Skills for Business campaign hopes to tackle this. For more information on the initiative, see the May issue of Communicate magazine.

Peter Westgarth, chief executive of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, comments, “While we’re hugely encouraged that a significant number of UK employers recognise the important employability skills and attributes DofE Award achievers have demonstrated, we still have work to do to inform employers about the amazing achievements a DofE Award represents. We want every UK employer to understand the value of a DofE Award on an applicant’s CV and make the commitment to look out for young recruits with a DofE Award because they value the experience they have gained and recognise that their efforts make them great employees.”


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